Another DVK question.

Gerry VE6LB

I've clugged the problem by editing the .wav file using Audacity to insert a few milliseconds of dead air at the start of the file.
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On 28/02/2020 16:16, Gerry VE6LB wrote:

This post triggered my interest in using the L32 DVK again. I noted  something that I've likely just overlooked in HELP.
I'm PTTing my FTdx9000D by radio command and find clicking a DVK macro button, there is a no voice delay before PTT activates and this cuts off the first couple letters of my call.

73, Gerry VE6LB

On 28/02/2020 07:56, Andy VA3PL wrote:
Thanks Bob for implementing <ESC> to DVK. Work fine.
I do have more request when you in the mood to do it... 🙂
1-Can we have more buttons.  Twelve would be nice to have or as many as in CW machine.
2-Can we have staggering capability (multiple pressing of the same or other buttons). Same way as in CW machine.
3-Can we have buttons associated with F# (function) keys same way as in CW machine. EG: F1 call CQ, F2 his report....and so on. You know what I am talking about.
Then perhaps it should be renamed to Digital Voice Machine or DVM... 🙂



Andy SP9KR

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73, Gerry VE6LB ve6lb@...