DXCC Rules


I'm old, but to be able to communicate with my grandchildren, I try to keep up with techno speak. I have chuckled at many electronic messages with the tag ROTFLMFAO, but this is the first that is true. SeventyThree(s). 

Excerpt from “The ARRL Letter for August 22, 2019” 

ARRL Contest and DXCC Rules Now Prohibit Automated Contacts

ARRL has incorporated changes to the rules for all ARRL-sponsored contests and DXCC, prohibiting automated contacts and requiring that an actual operator is initiating and carrying out a contact. These changes also apply to Worked All States (including Triple Play and 5-Band WAS), Fred Fish W5FF Memorial, and VUCC awards. The changes are effective immediately and affect the rules for both HF contests, and VHF/UHF contests as well as DXCC.

A resolution at the July ARRL Board of Directors meeting pointed to "growing concern over fully automated contacts being made and claimed" for contest and for DXCC credit. The rules now require that each claimed contact include contemporaneous direct initiation by the operator on both sides of the contact. Initiation of a contact may either be local or remote.