2 mods request...

F4FQH Olivier

Ciao Bob !
For the next logtweet64, (hope we have it for christmass), maybe a good idea to add 2 buttons.
The first, in VSC, instead of the autotrack menu, it would be interesting to have a button. Easier to click on the button than the menu.
Second, in the button bar, to add a ADI log export button, also instead of going in the menus. A button with parmeters FILE NAME and LOCATION set for all the time, and when we click on it,  it export the ADI file where we want.
Why this because, on my side, i often export the ADI to QRZ.com and clublog manualy. I think many other are doing this also.
If Santa Bob is not hibernating, nice to find it in the new “tweeter” version Rire
Thanks a lot