Backup - Verify

John Pink

Running W10 and Logger 3.50.367


My Logger is set to backup on exit, and occasionally, – that is when I get around to it,  I ‘Zip’ the databases and Logbook– and of course I include the User files.  Today was one of those days that I remembered to do the housekeeping!


The backup went well, but when I came to ‘verify’  I got an error message - #503.  I checked that the save location was correct – it was, and to my surprise, the saved files were there in the folder, and apparently fully readable.


After, some investigation I changed the save location to another disk – and everything was ok.  However, I was keen to understand the original problem.  It appears that there were many backups in the folder - too many – more than 10, and at that point ‘verify’ results in the error message.


I deleted some old backups, and ‘verify’  work correctly again, but when I backed up several time  - enough that there were more than 10 copies in the folder, it fell over.


The same occurs with the ‘Zip user Files’ utility.   It is the same on my laptop copy of L32.


Small housekeeping issue, that I am sure will be easily fixed – please.


John G8MM




Hi same problem here. when I left just one backup file problem dissapeard and verify works ok 73