Another request for help


In Feb 2016 (yes last year) in msg number 68856  I asked for set up help on getting the CW machine to work post v3.50.0.

I have been chasing this for the last year and have not made any progress. with v3.50.0 installed every thing on the CW machine works fine but the Bandmap does not follow any change in VFO Band.

After I install a L32 version above v3.50.0 when I select the CW machine I get a message saying "CW Port error: Could not set comm state, there may be one or more invalid communication parameters" the error message box is titled Port 4.  However the bandmap now follows the VFO changes

I am using an FTdx3000 and win 7 in a dell Vostro 32 bit machine.   I am an electronics guy not a PC guy so I find the terminology in the error message is well past my PC skill level so any help will be gratefully received.

Mike G3VAO