Hooking up L32 to a TS590SG

Martin Evans

Hi guys, having issues here hooking up a new TS590SG here with L32 as radio2, I have a uham microkeyer 2 and a FT2000 which works fine as radio1. I have the virtual serial port software running from the Kenwood website (Silicon Labs) configured as com9 over a USB cable, however despite the Kenwood 590SG control progarm working fine on usb com9, L32 refuses to play ball with the 590SG. As L32 only has an option for TS590S and not TS590SG I am wondering if there is a difference in protocols between the "S" and the "SG" that L32 needs updating for?

I have made sure the com port settings are right and the port has been opened and closed to no avail.

Any ideas guys?



I have exactly the same problem!

my TS590SG work perfectly with ARCP on selected COM PORT with 115k; I can't get it going in neither L32, N1MM ... 

I tried various settings, various speeds, various Kenwood radios (Slow...)...

What am I doing wrong?

How to get things going?

Thanks, Ted, s51ta



I finally made it;

Check the boxes SET DTR HIGH, SET RTS HIGH in Radio Setup window ... it will start working right away.
In N1MM handshake must be set under DTR and RTS ... it seems very important ...

Best 73 Ted, s51ta

Hamp W. WS5C

I have a 590sg and L32 and have been using them both. My usual config is ARCP via USB (my comm 6) and L32 via serial (my comm 4). Both work in the opposite configuration if desired.
Selected radio is TS590 in L32.
Thus it is probably not an SG problem.

Martin Evans

Thats got it sorted out - thanks a lot !


Martin Evans

Thanks for the advice Ted / Hampton, much appreciated ! Checking Set DTR High and Set RTS High has got it working for me.