My 2 cents for #wait x# function #wait

ayoshida <ayoshida@...>


#wait x# function has been added in Logger32 ver3.46.16.
This is a example how to use this function. This is in the case of K3.

To Tune with 5w This is configured for one button.
$command PC005;$ > power down to 5w
$command #wait0.5#SWH16;$ > wait for 0.5 second then Tune ON

To Tune OFF and control to 100w This is configured for another button.
$command RX;$ > tune OFF
$command #wait1#PC100;$ > wait 1 second then power up to 100w

#wait x# works in CWM, RCP and Soundcard data window.
Try new function and make your own macro.
Let us know your idea to be shared.

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