Charles McGarvey <cflights@...>

Ugh, message # 2. sri I guess I missed the 'If so, how?"

I don't understand your question. What do you mean HOW?
So, I'll guess here - the software is designed to operate with a TNC.
I have both a Kam multi-mode and a pk232. I do not use either for cw.
There is also packet, g-tor, p-tor,a-tor etc. etc. that can be operated
from the software.

I don't know what you are looking for as an answer to your question.
There is a general description in the Logger help file on 'how'. So,
unless you can be specific - no more guessing here. hi (:-)

Kl0nr@aol.com wrote:

Chas; regarding your reply to my question about what software works best with
Logger for CW and RTTY.

Do you work RTTY and or CW with Logger now?
If so how?
TXN 73's