Problem with DXCluster frequency transfer


To my surprise I find I have a similar problem. The call of the
cluster station is shown immediately. It then seems to take about 5
seconds before the radio is moved, and a very short period after that
before the display shows the correct frequency.

This is not a facility which I have used very much, but I KNOW that
used to work perfectly. So I reinstalled 6.07. Exactly the same. So
would appear to be something related to the computer environment
rather than a change in Logger. So I'm stumped!

73 Roger

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I can tell you what I found. I have dual VFO's and if it is on VFO B
then it will only log the call not the freq. On VFO A both work just

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Jan Ditzian <ditzian@...>

I am using Logger 7.05, and I have just discovered that, if I click on a
call in the DX Cluster callsign listing, the call enters but not the
frequency. I often have to click several times, and it seems that I
must wait several seconds after a failure before being successful in
getting the frequency to transfer.

I am using fast polling, but changing speeds did not help. Does anyone
have a suggestion?

Jan, KX2A