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I have just purchased a new Pegasus from Ten Tec. I have installed some programs and am looking to find what would work well with the Pegasus. The programs I am looking at are Logger, ACLog1.5 and Digipan. I know Digipan is for PSK31 that I am very interested in trying. I also operate rtty, cw and voice. I am looking for someone that may already have the Pegasus in hopes of finding out what programs work hand in hand with the Pegasus control software. My computer is a HP 8590C 600 Mhz pentium III with 32 Gig hard drive, CD and DVD drives. I'm sure the computer is up to date enough to handle the software programs so the main issue is to find what programs work
well with the Ten Tec. Any help is well received and appreciated.

Thank you,

Brian NM3G

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