Re: DXSpot window idea?

Michael Harris

Hi Bob,

Every five years. I just go onto the OFCOM website, bring up my UK licence G3VUI and do what needs to be done. Job done.


Mike VP8NO

On 08/09/2022 08:37, Bob wrote:
Thanks for the info Vince. I'll keep it in mind. 73.
On 09/08/2022 7:11 AM Vince Shirley <vince.g0orc@...> wrote:

Hi Bob,

With regards to your UK call, UK licensees have to regularly revalidate their license via the OFCOM website.

However in respect of those holding a UK call living overseas then, frankly I have no idea how it works.  Dropping an e-mail to OFCOM with your query may get you your answer but I can't find anything in the "Amateur Portal" relating to overseas holders of UK calls.

The OFCOM portal is here

Ofcom Amateur and Ships Radio Licensing Portal - Ofcom <>

and there is a list of revoked calls here

List of revoked amateur callsigns ( <> but your UK call isn't listed.

Having said all of that I find the OFCOM website on one the most useless sites on the internet.  I'm never able to find what i want as the information is all lumped together with commercial and shipping licensees.  Its a really poor site.

Vince G0ORC

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