Re: FW: Need help with antenna switch limited to 6 antennas


I have no way of testing (I haven't seen a parallel port in a very long time). I looked at the code and pin 9 is raised when antenna #8 thru #15 is selected. SeventyThree(s).

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I did check again all possible configurations, I always like to read all pages on the manual. I am old EE. What I can see is that parallel port pin 9 never turn on.

I don’t know what to do to fix this issue. The LPT1 seems to be working fine, all antennas 1 to 6 work as it should.


Please I appreciate some guidance .






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Subject: Need help with antenna switch limited to 6 antennas

Hi guys


I need some help with the antenna switch. I am running last update of Logger32, LPT1, using  binary or decimal  antennas 1 to 6 works just fine, but 7,8,9,..15 returns to antenna 1.


The selection is limited to 6 antennas, any thing I can try to use all 15 antennas ?





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