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I am still not able to reproduce your problem. However, I have rewritten some of the code that hopefully will be smoother and quicker. I start Beta testing the new code today. SeventyThree(s).

On 06/07/2022 1:06 PM Milan Pračka <ok1dmp@...> wrote:

Hi all,

my Logger32 version is 4.0.294 running on Win10 / 64. The problem is the scrolling in the Logbook page when searching a QSO by CALL.
What I am doing.
Right click into Logbook window opens search dialog - I choose search by CALL and DK7ZT for example. The logbook is sorted by call and CALL heading is red. The search function is correct now and there are DK7ZT QSOs in the list (see upper part of the picture).
But there are more QSO records with DK7ZT in the logbook than four shown - I need scroll the list by click ( red arrow in the picture ).
The problem is - the list on the next page (see middle part of the picture) does not show calls following alphabetically ! I would expect other QSO records with DK7ZT but quite different part of the logbook ( II4VAL etc.) appears.
It is not all - next click to scroll back (see bottom part of the picture) does not show first list of DK7ZT records but again something different ( DM3SWD ) !!!
Calls shown after scroll seem to be random - repeating the procedure never shows identical calls and I did not find any relationship between them.

Important note - search the logbook by QSO_NUMBER, QSO_DATE, PFX etc. works correctly. The problem regards search by CALL only and (I believe) appeared in version 4 first.

Thanks in advance for any idea or help.

73, Milan OK1DMP

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