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Hello Gary,


Hi Ian


Have you tried the process?


Yes I have, since you ask.  Not for a few months though.


1. Fonts.                   Both PC and Lap top on Windows 10, surely not a problem?


It was for me because I prefer fonts with slashed or dotted zero for logging, so I had installed additional fonts on the main PC that were not on the other.  Logger32 warns us and defaults to Arial in that case.


2. Disks and folders. Both PC and Lap top have the same structure.


Fine.  Good luck keeping those PCs in step.


3. Radio hardware – radios, antennas and peripherals.              Agreed  changes would be required.




4. Screen size/resolution.                    Doesn't seem to be a problem.


The sizes and screen positions of Logger32 panes are also stored in the .ini files.  Provided all the panes you expect to see do actually fit within the screens on both PCs, no problem.  However, if one of the screens is too small, panes can be located off-screen i.e.  they are apparently open but invisible.  It’s not hard to get them back on-screen, just a bit disconcerting and annoying – something that can easily befuddle Logger32 users.


5. Other stuff I’ve forgotten.               Happens to me every day! Lol.


Do I come here often?


So, as you say it isn't a universal solution,


We’re agreed on that then!


BUT, it does provide the answer to what David was looking for i.e move L32 to another PC. As we know, installing L32 is easy, setting up the myriad of options is quite another thing.


… which is why we have the User Manual, lots of hints within Logger32, some helpful videos on YouTube, plus this reflector … and now your advice and my cautious responses here too Ian!


I’m pretty sure the User Manual talks about meddling with Logger32’s settings directly in the .ini files, cautiously again (e.g. backup first, before meddling).  Cutting-and-pasting key sections from a known-good .ini into a problematic .ini does work, if you’re careful, so that’s one way to find and perhaps fix issues such as missing fonts, different disk/folder locations etc., as well as transferring the more fiddly settings such as colours, alarms/alerts, and logbook columns. However, the preferred approach is to install Logger32 and configure it from scratch through Logger32’s myriad menus and options, guided by the User Manual etc.  Trust me, it gets easier with practice.






73 … and welcome aboard the L32 support team 😊

Gary  ZL2iFB  






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You guys may be fortunate: the .ini files in the Logger32 directory include config settings for things that may vary between computers, such as:

  • Fonts
  • Disks and folders
  • Radio hardware – radios, antennas and peripherals
  • Screen size/resolution
  • Other stuff I’ve forgotten


… so, although it evidently works for you, it’s not a universal solution to just ‘copy the whole folder across’.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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I do the same thing as Ian - Copy the complete L32 directory to the new computer.


I use this program called bart - - which only copies changes to reduce the amount of data.


In full disclosure, I backup from the main PC to a cloud account - then from the cloud back to the second PC (Using BART on both PCs in both directions).


We all know there are two type of computer users.

1 those that backup

2 those that will backup.


Also, if L32 is not already installed on the second PC then it will need to be installed in order to register all the DLL files. Once it is installed, you can delete the entire L32 directory, and copy it from the main to the second one.


73’ Pete,N5KD.



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Hello David,


I have L32 on a PC and a Lap top, The PC is the master. I copy the complete L32 directory from the PC to the Lap Top. All works ok.






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I need some guidance please:

I have set up Logger 32 how I like it on my main PC but now need to move it to another PC. Is there an easy way to do this without having to go through all of the set up again?

With thanks

David VA7DXX 


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