Re: ADIF 3.1.3


Because many users have customized the ADIFCountriesWithPrimarySubsivisions.txt and ADIFCountriesWithSecondarySubdivisions.txt files, the are no linger included in the auto-updates. So, rolling back to a recent auto-update will not overwrite you files. Rolling back to an old auto-update that has these files will overwrite the files. SeventyThree(s).

On 06/07/2022 7:29 AM Mike Walkington <mike.walkington@...> wrote:

Thanks Bob

I see that many of the recent UpdateFiles folders contain a Secondary Subdivision txt file. Do my updates get over written by any Primary or Secondary Subdivision files in the "UpdateFiles for Ver"  folder when I upgrade or is my choice to look for these files and load them?

By the way in researching this I laughed at seeing "Far Away", "Very Far Away", "Very Very Far Away" and I'm sure you will remember this. Maybe that huge list of Secondary Subdivisions will get written up by someone one day - quizas.


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