Re: ADIF 3.1.3


The two files are user maintained. Add whatever you like. SeventyThree(s).

On 06/06/2022 8:00 AM Mike Walkington <mike.walkington@...> wrote:

Hi Bob

What am I missing?
Update file list for 4.0.293 had the ADIFCountriesWithSecondarySubdivisions.txt file dated 23 Sep 2021 and it had this list of countries which is missing some showing in your list where you add Spain

006 Alaska
015 Asiatic Russia
054 European Russia
061 Franz Josef Land
110 Hawaii
126 Kaliningrad
137 korea
151 Malyj Vysotski Isd
170 New Zealand
288 Ukraine
291 USA
339 Japan

Mike, VK1OO

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