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Bonjour Andre,


Wow!  You are doing an amazing job! 


I regret to say my schoolboy French skills are rotten but I know the English version well enough to understand the translated version.  It looks fantastic to me.


Re the ~1500 images, feel free to replace any of the Logger32 screenshots with their equivalents from the French version of Logger32, and ideally include some advice on how to swap from the English to the French versions - unless you feel most French users are either using Logger32 in English, or will understand them well enough as they are, in context.



Gary  ZL2iFB


PS  “Conseil Hinson:” is an accurate translation for my notes but I wonder if readers will get the pun?  “Hints and tips” is the usual English phrase.  Plain “Tip: “ would be fine.


From: <> On Behalf Of SCHWEITZER ANDRE
Sent: Monday, 6 June 2022 12:41 am
Subject: [hamlogger] HELP LOGGER IN FRENCH ...



Just to inform you about the work done on the translation of the LOGGER32 help in "French" ...

I finished the work on the images ... for all the chapters ... so ... the images are numbered as follows :
LOGGER32-CHAPTER(01 to 57) - Image number
For the first ones :
For the last ones :

This makes a total of 1531 images (LOGGER32-CHAPTER01-001.png to LOGGER32-CHAPTER57-002-FIN.png)

I compressed all the images in a single file.
This file is available on 

For information : All the images are in PNG format : For me, the PNG format is easier to integrate with text ... especially when there is some overlap !!!

Concerning the translation, I finished the first two sections … Section A Logger32 basics and Section B Logger32 intermediate topics

The file is provisionally available on 
NOTE: these links will be removed as soon as Gary ZL2iFB has validated the information.

Thanks again for your messages ...
with 73s from


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