Re: Parallel logging


Now I see the problem. It appears that WinSock.LocalIP returns the first first Local IP it sees. In my case I have only a single adaptor, so I never noticed the discrepancy. I will remove the LocakIP menu item. SeventyThree(s).

On 06/05/2022 6:09 AM DamianM0BKV via <kammdp@...> wrote:

Hi Bob, 4 pictures from the 2 PCs. The top 2 are from my main PC with the Setup parallel logging IP Address I enter relating to the 2nd PC wireless LAN. In the lower row are pictures from my 2nd PC with the Set up Parallel logging window showing the main PC's wireless LAN that I enter. You can see that in both cases the TCP event viewers config window shows the PC's local IP address from its Ethernet Adapter and not the Wireless LAN that is being used.

Perhaps it's something I'm doing wrong. All is working correctly only the TCP event viewer showing the incorrect local IP address. I was asking if the correct wireless IP address could be shown. 73 Damian

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