Re: WSJT-X not populating log entry field with callsign #wsjtx

Colin Hendry

I have been looking at this for weeks trying different things and I think I have just found it. This setting was not ticked

No Idea how that got changed unless it was during an update. Anyway seems to be working again.

Colin G0ODR

On 04/06/2022 14:47, Colin Hendry via wrote:

Hi again,
Another isuue thats just started is when using WSJT-X the callsign is no longer passed to Logger32 so Ricks Lookup program doesn't run. If I log the contact from the WSJT-X log window it is logged in Logger32 OK but with minimal details. If I select the log entry the look up window appears and I can update the details from there.
I have been running the same setup and settings for months without issue but now its all going a bit south.
Your thoughts will be gratefully received,
Colin G0ODR

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