Re: Parallel logging


Is it possible in the 'TCP event viewer' window to replace the Local IP Address from the Ethernet cable connection IP Address that both my PCs ALWAYS are showing with the wireless connection IP Addresses that are in use?  I use Wireless on both PCs (I couldn't get the Ethernet link for TCP to work for my main PC and only use wireless for the 2nd PC). Because I'm not using Ethernet connection cables to check out or change the IP Address in the 'Setup parallel logging' window it means going to 'search' on the Windows toolbar and doing a command prompt (CMD) followed by ipconfig to find it in a DOS window.

Also, it says in the manual p633 "Mouseover the TCP panel for an informational pop-up showing the IP address and TCP port number" but this IP address is the loopback address,, which I think is standard with windows. What would be helpful is to know the Local IP Address in use without going to the TCP event viewer window.
73 Damian

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