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I think this is a different DLL. The callsign field of your DLL is 'Call' but the other DLL is 'Indicativo'. It looks like the DLL is using long words that do not fit in the space available. SeventyThree(s).

On 06/03/2022 11:13 AM YV5EN - Edwin via <yv5en@...> wrote:

Hi to all,
I have L32 v4.0.294 using the 3082.dd Spanish Language file downloaded from here: but renamed to 8202.dll and my Logbook Entry Window and settings I have for Label font & color are Arial, normal, 9, black, occidental:

<5afbe9a9-0516-04f0-4a35-5376dd8bf4be@...>" style="max-width: 712px; width: 100%;" class="yahoo-inline-image" src="/ajax/image/mail/compose/mailstorage/image?id=d2cdbede4944478b89d2d8af789682d4&uid=39480533bf8a4752a7a14300e077d08b" alt="Imagen integrada" data-mce-src="" data-mce-style="max-width: 712px; width: 100%;">

So it works perfect

Edwin - YV5EN (YV5HUJ 1979-2011)

Edwin - YV5EN (YV5HUJ 1979-2011)

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