ADIF 3.1.3


It is rumored that the new specification will be released in a week or so. The new spec adds the PRC to the list of Countries that have ADIF defined Primary Subdivisions. If you're interested, find the file ADIFCountriesWithPrimarySubdivisions.txt and edit it with Notepad. Add this line

Also, Spanish Secondary Subdivision DMEs are now supported. If this is of interest, find the file ADIFCountriesWithSecondarySubdivisions.txt and edit it with Notepad. Add this line

I don't know if anyone has entered the complete list of Chinese STATEs or the Spanish DMEs, but before you ask, No, I'm not going to do it.

In addition to these changes there is the usual alphabet soup of exotic new Modes and Sub Modes. Add/modify whatever you want.


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