Parallel logging


Hi I managed to get the, very clever, Parallel logging module working after a few hours of struggling and it's working fine. There were a few problems the first being the IP address it showed me to use (I92.168.0.100) on my main home PC was for the Ethenet cable connection and on the remote laptop was for àn ethernet cable connection which wasn't plugged in. By doing a CMD and then ipconfig in the DOS window using the Search feature (both PCs Windows 10 platforms) I found the IP addresses for the wireless connections which worked ok. I've tried to use the ethernet cable connection since on my main PC but it doesn't work only a wireless network works. The window showing the IP address and Port (that can be changed) always shows the Ethenet IP addresss on both PCs which doesn't work so I have to do a CMD in the search box and then ipconfig to find the correct IP address to use each time I power up the PC. I should be able to change this from DHCP to a static IP address hopefully without problems. 
Another small problem is if the remote PC sends a logged qso to the main PC (all though it's not normally used for that) the main PC logged it then sends a copy back to the remote PC which puts it in the log a second time. Not sure if my settings cause this.
Apart from this there was a couple of things in the manual that confused me. The reference to the IP address directed me the wrong way initially. It's prominence when checking the TCP tab on the bottom row also added to this confusion. Call me a donkey for this. Thanks for this great software extra. BTW version 294 in use on both PCs.
73 Damian

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