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The errors you see caused when Logger32 can detect there is an instance of Ham CAP running, but Logger32 is unable to talk to Ham CAP.

As for the multiple copies of VOACAP assume that clicking the X on Ham CAP to shut it down automatically stops VOACAP but sending a windows message to Ham CAP to quit doesn't automatically stop VOACAP. Not much I can do about that.


On 05/30/2022 2:36 PM Michael Harris via <mike.harris@...> wrote:


Win10/64 Pro, L32 4.0.294

I thought I had worked around the problem of the fatal interaction when
L32 launches Ham CAP.

Ham CAP will populate the screen with the map with a white background
and the progress indicator, bottom left corner constantly rolling.
Looking in Task Manager Ham CAP is present without any CPU overhead. Two
copies of voacapw (32 bit) are present with one no CPU overhead and the
other with never ending 47.9% CPU overhead.

In extreme cases closing down the tasks will result in six error boxes
that show one after the other after pressing clear, constantly repeating
after closing each one.

The error box reads;

"Error 462 (the remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable)
in procedure Timer1_Timer of form MDIForm 1.

Error on line 4270

Logger32 4.0.294"

repeating for lines 4290, 4300, 4310, 4320 and 4330 in a constant return
and repeat.

At this point L32 is unable to be closed, the error box has total control.

Upon closing down via the normal windows "Shut down or sign out"
followed by "Shut down" Windows reports two apps preventing shutdown.

Two L32 icons one with the preventing shutdown notification and the
second on without. Forcing a shutdown then does as requested and
terminates windows.

If I launch Ham CAP stand alone it behaves normally.

For some reason when launched by L32 two copies of voacapw are set
running and it will do this even after a PC shutdown and restart.

My uneducated guess is that occasionally Ham CAP when closed by
terminating L32, something is leaving voacapw in a state where it
launches with L32 and when Ham CAP is subsequently launched another copy
of voacapw launched and the death spiral repeats.

As I say, an uneducated guess.

After a combination of launching and terminating Ham CAP stand alone.
Launching L32 and killing off the errant Ham CAP and voacapw via task
manager and then terminating L32 maybe a couple of times whatever is
lurking in the background has been exorcized and normal service resumes.

So, what is unusual about the interaction between L32 and Ham CAP. Way
above by BBC Basic experience of days gone by. This problem occasional
presented even when I was Win7/64 Pro powered.


Mike VP8NO

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