Re: Error in the STATE field (mainly for CHINA)

Michael Harris

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I regularly see this and indeed also for USA and JA stations. All I do is edit the LoTW report in Notepad by deleting any reference to STATE or county or whatever is causing the nausea, saving it, copying it to another folder, renaming it and offering it to L32. Which then happily embraces it.

I don't need all the other guys fine detail, I'm not exactly going to pay him a visit.


Mike VP8NO

On 24/05/2022 13:35, f5idj2001 valéry Pierson wrote:
Hello !
After synchronize LOTW from an Adif file, I always have a bad.adi file with an "error in the state field" for the chineese stations.
*Error in the STATE field: * <APP_LoTW_OWNCALL:5>F5IDJ<STATION_CALLSIGN:5>F5IDJ<MY_DXCC:3>227<MY_COUNTRY:6>FRANCE<APP_LoTW_MY_DXCC_ENTITY_STATUS:7>Current<MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>JO10IO<MY_CQ_ZONE:2>14<MY_ITU_ZONE:2>27<CALL:6>BD9ATY<BAND:3>15M<FREQ:8>21.07444<MODE:3>FT8<APP_LoTW_MODEGROUP:4>DATA<QSO_DATE:8>20220522<APP_LoTW_RXQSO:19>2022-05-22 13:54:45 // QSO record inserted/modified at LoTW<TIME_ON:6>135045<APP_LoTW_QSO_TIMESTAMP:20>2022-05-22T13:50:45Z // QSO Date & Time; ISO-8601<QSL_RCVD:1>Y<QSLRDATE:8>20220524<APP_LoTW_RXQSL:19>2022-05-24 08:57:10 // QSL record matched/modified at LoTW<DXCC:3>318<COUNTRY:5>CHINA<APP_LoTW_DXCC_ENTITY_STATUS:7>Current<PFX:3>BD9<APP_LoTW_2xQSL:1>Y*<STATE:2>SN // Shaanxi*<CQZ:2>24<ITUZ:2>43<eor>
Is someone can explain and give me a solution ?
Thank you

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