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Hi Aki.

You do a wonderful job keeping all of JA up to date on Logger32!

Google does a pretty good job of translating your blog into English: Nice sketches, by the way. As you will have seen in the User Manual, my artistic skills have not really progressed since I was three.

I guess Google translate struggles in the reverse direction - and my informal/quirky writing style can't help. I completely understand anyone's reluctance to translate the entire 900 page monster.

I believe Nick is providing support for Greek users, and no doubt others are doing something similar for other non-English-speaking communities, not least translating the menus and messages within Logger32.

Thank you all, not forgetting Bob of course!

There is always more to do, but we make a pretty good team as it is.

Gary ZL2iFB

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This is my experience on Logger32 Help for Japanese users.

a. I made manual translation of original ver3.50 English Help many years ago. This is still on-line.
b. It is almost impossible to use inter-net translator. It translate strange Japanese very often.
c. I do not have plan to translate ver4.0 Manual. I am too old to do.
d. I have made several instructions for Japanese users.,How to setup Logger32", "What changes in ver4.0" and "How to setup Logger32 for FT8"
e. I have explained any change/new features in my Blog. This is my blog page in Japanese....

73 de aki

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OK André, all I can say is "Bon chance!"

The Manual is quite stable now. I occasionally update the wording a little following user feedback (which I appreciate!), and sometimes the page layout needs to be adjusted (e.g. to keep the embedded images near with the corresponding text, regardless of page breaks). Sometimes I spot improvement opportunities or feel inspired to rewrite bits that I garbled, or make changes as Logger32 itself is updated with new/different functions and menus ... and even those are down from more than 2 per day (with v4.0) to about 2 per month (at v4.294).

Besides French, I wonder if there are any brave/foolhardy enough to prepare other translations ... or more succinct summary versions, YouTube instructional videos, getting-started guides, or whatever? How about online HTML versions, maybe a wiki or consolidated FAQ? A vulcan mind-meld version would be fantastic!

As I run out of energy and lose pace, I'd be happy to pass the baton to the next-in-line to continue maintaining the v4 User Manual but I guess the monster has scared them all away.

Gary ZL2iFB

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Hello Gary,
THANK YOU for the answer.
This is quite normal ... after all the advantages that LOGGER gives to all its users ... Of which I am for more than 20 years ...
I'm currently finishing chapter 6 ... the longest part is still to take
pictures (screenshots) in "French" ... but I have the moral ... I only
have 650 pages left ... HI HI HI 73s ANDRÉ

Le 23/05/2022 à 18:27, Gary Hinson a écrit :
Hi there André,

That's an amazing offer. You are very brave.

I am the gatekeeper for the ~900-page monster - a big, angry MS Word file, complete with embedded links and images, and all the complex formatting and page layouts that you see. There is no 'raw text' ... although it might be 'interesting' to save it as a .TXT file, then translate and reconstruct it, limb-by-limb, fangs and all.

Bob owns the monster. I just do my best to keep it caged and well-fed. I would need Bob's permission under his copyright to release the MS Word original to you, or to anyone else who is brave/foolhardy enough to want to translate it.

Gary ZL2iFB

PS Even is too scared to tackle all 900 pages.

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Hello to all,
I have started to translate the help for LOGGER32 into French.
I am looking for the "raw" text in English of the whole help (more
900 pages) ... that is to say without links and other formatting: it will save me a lot of time.
Who would have this in his archives !!! In advance THANK YOU 73S


NOTE : I started LOGGER under DOS, then LOGGER807 ... then I stopped the radio from 2002 to 2022 ... what old and good memories !!!

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