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You should not need an interface to connect a FT-1000MP to a computer.

I have had several FT-1000 MP's and still have a FT-1000MP Mark V which I use daily with Logger32. My computer does not have any RS232 serial ports so I use a USB to serial converter cable. It works excellent with both Logger32 and N1MM.

73, Terry N4TB ex: NP3G

On 05/06/22 14:05, Telesforo Figueroa wrote:

Hello Ken:


I finally found and bought a FIF-232C and it is on its way. Real good price.


Would you spare some of your time and let me know the set-up you had with the Yaesu FT100MP?


Even though I have not received the FIF232C yet, I looked at the very short instructions manual on the web and it is not too explicit on details.


Please, not in a hurry.






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Hi Ken: The Yaesu FIF-232 Box is very difficult to find one, even in eBay prices are up in the $200.00, if lucky to find one.  Thank you for your info.  Now I have some hopes, hi, hi.

I am going to try what Aki just suggest me.


There is a UK cable distribuitor, that have good reviews in selling those cables. I"ll give a try.


On the meantime, will keep using/enjoying the other radios and Logger 32.

Probably, or for sure, the problems are not the radio or the cables, but the person sitting behind them.

Thanks for your time. Really appreciated.




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Hello Charles. Does the 990 work with other logging programs? I had a 990 and I recall I had to get Yaesu UK to upgrade the ROM so the CAT would work properly.


73 Darren G0TSM


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Thank you Deko, I appreciate the response and I'll check against your settings.

Thank you,

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