Re: LoTW/OQRS indicator in DX Spots window

John Munton - G7SSE


have you maybe turned off the Tooltips for the DX Spots Window or Band Maps?

John - G7SSE

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Sent: 29/04/2022 21:10:42
Subject: [hamlogger] LoTW/OQRS indicator in DX Spots window

Hi all
Untill a couple of days ago, I think I remember that when I put the mouse over the small rectangle, at the left side of a spot line, I had a small screen pop up saying if the spotted station was a LoTW user and/or an OQRS user.
Now, I am only getting blue rectangles, and no indication of what it means.
I have just spend over an hour searching the manual about this, to no avail.
Anyone can help please ?
thanks + 73
Paul F6EXV

73, John - G7SSE

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