Logger32 - Adding N1MM ADIF Column for QSO Party Rover Log

Hunter - K3IE

Hoping someone here can give me a suggestion - 

One of our TCG club members participated as a Rover in the recent GA QSO Party using N1MM Contest Logger and our club call K4TCG.  

I am the new QSL manager for our club call and was hoping to use the Logger32/LogPrint tandem to print the QSL labels for this and future club call events.  However, I cannot figure out a way to add the N1MM ADIF county column "APP_N1MM_ROVERCNTY" to the Logger32 software.  I have successfully built the LogPrint Custom label layout, which includes this N1MM County Column, and am able to generate correct multi QSO labels directly from the N1MM ADIF file en masse.   But, I was hoping to use Logger32 to pick and choose what call labels to print and export that ADIF file to LogPrint instead of all the calls coming over at once.  

Was also wondering if this is necessary or is there a way to have LogPrint extract call specific entries and from the entire N1MM log ADIF?

Thank you in advance - Hunter K3IE

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