Re: VE8AT NCDXF Beacon


It is moved. Guess I missed the memo. SeventyThree(s).

On 04/26/2022 9:39 AM Michael Harris via <mike.harris@...> wrote:


The beacon is incorrectly located on the L32 NCDXF beacons map.

From the Northern Alberta Radio Club web site:

The beacon was destined to be installed at CFS Alert, at the northern
tip of Ellesmere Island, but security concerns on the military
installation made a relocation to Eureka close to 500 km to the
southwest necessary.

It now has a new loaction as of Feburary 2021 at Inuvik. NWT, Canada

68°18'26.4"N 133°29'21.1"W

68.307333, -133.489194

It would be useful if this could be corrected for those of us who
monitor the beacons.


Mike VP8NO

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