Re: Help trying to adjust the log with other programs.

Gary Hinson <Gary@...>

Hello Tuka.


You are right: there is information in the manual but it is quite complicated. 


I would start with LoTW, one of the most valuable online logs for DXers.   My ‘new user guide’ for LoTW is available in Portuguese:


You can export your log from Logger32 as an ADIF file (see section 3.2 of the Logger32 User Manual), then sign and upload it to LoTW using the TQSL program. 


Logger32 can send new QSOs to LoTW using an extra program – “L32LogSync” from Rick N2AMG  (see section 17.2).  It can send QSOs in groups (e.g. all the QSOs you have made this month) or individually as they are logged.  See


L32LogSync can also upload your QSOs to eQSL, Club Log, HRDLOG and, and to websites and cloud storage:



Click to tick the ones you want to use under Program Setup, then configure them using the tabs that appear.  Again, you will need to set up your accounts for these online logging services first.


73 GL

Gary  (Hawkes Bay NZ)


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Good evening everyone.

I'm trying to automate the logger32 with all the programs we have available (, lotw,e-qsl, hrdlog , etc...) but I'm having some difficulties, I already asked for this help and a colleague posted that the manul would have the information but with running time I didn't find it and I'm also not concegindo to do it, could someone help me with some tip or information.

and also how to separate the cw and ssb contacts to updy the log

Thank you for the help and I apologize for the poor English


Tuka py2bn

Americana -sp


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