WAB Worked All Britain Awards and NATS Navigation Aids to Shipping Refs


I put an EXCEL database together for NATS Navigation Aids to Shipping from the Trinity House lists many years ago. The file is intetended to load into the 'Secondary Admin Award' files of Logger32 and used together with the WAB Squares files (all 8 countries/dependencies) fed into the 'Primary Admin Award' (alongside USA states and counties). There is Ordnance Survey Triangulation Point, UK Counties and Irish Counties Databases also.
The Databases make WAB award look-up easy including quickly finding a NATS reference no. In Logger32 when logging the QSO I put in the WAB square then hit the question mark at Secondary Admin and a list of available NATS appear in the drop-down box for that square. Same for other awards. The EXCEL files are available in the Files area of this group.


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