Re: HAMCAP Propagation Prediction Program

Michael Harris


Do you launch HamCap stand alone or from the button in L32? I've not had any problems with stand alone. Launching with L32 has the advantage of passing log window call sign entry data and automatically plotting a prop chart.

I have been using HamCap for years in association with Ionocap which downloads iono data and passes a 90 day smoothed SSN to HamCap. A number of data sources have fallen off in the past couple of years.

I started having problems with HamCap when launched from L32. These I have resolved by building my own 90 day SSN. I then modify the Hamcap SSN.dat file with the 90 day SSN number, run HamCap and computed ALL BANDS and ALL HOURS maps and leave it like that for the month. I can then launch it from L32 without issues like multiple copies of voacap running and causing all sorts of problems including constant running swallowing up 50% of the PC clock cycles until you kill it off in task manager.

All I have to do is update the SSN.dat fille with the latest 90 day number for the month. I am currently basing the predictions on SSN 60 which seems to be in reasonable agreement with the published cycle 25 progress data.


Mike VP8NO

On 24/03/2022 12:49, John Owens wrote:
I have been using the HAMCAP propagation prediction software for years, and access it via my logging program LOGER32. HAMCAP is acquired from DX ATLAS (Afreet Software), and consists of a program that accesses propagation data compiled and maintained by the US Government. The main program is called VOACAP (ITSCHFBC) and some other data called SSN which I believe stands for Smoothed Sunspot Numbers. Based on the callsign I enter, it presents a 24hr prediction on each band, and also displays the MUF. This program has become very erratic recently and stops giving predictions. I update the software periodically, it goes back to giving predictions, and then gets corrupted somehow and stops giving predictions. I am tired of having to continually update the software, and would prefer using some other more stable propagation prediction program. Does anyone have propagation prediction software that works like HAMCAP, but is more reliable. Help would be appreciated.
John Owens -  N7TK

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