Re: HAMCAP Propagation Prediction Program

Eric T-N6SPP

Hi John-
Take a look VoaCap. Go direct to it’s url and bookmark it.
Move the Red marker to your qth and drag the Blue marker to a dx location.. 
 Click “Prop Wheel” first to get a feel for path/zulu times.
Then try the calc prediction chart etc.
You can also set an approx erp and antenna type.

There is a work-around “newer url” for HamCap too, but it’s a little erratic.

73,Eric N6SPP-cm98 
~via iP11

On Mar 24, 2022, at 08:49, John Owens <ELMERTK58@...> wrote:

I have been using the HAMCAP propagation prediction software for years, and access it via my logging program LOGER32. HAMCAP is acquired from DX ATLAS (Afreet Software), and consists of a program that accesses propagation data compiled and maintained by the US Government. The main program is called VOACAP (ITSCHFBC) and some other data called SSN which I believe stands for Smoothed Sunspot Numbers. Based on the callsign I enter, it presents a 24hr prediction on each band, and also displays the MUF. This program has become very erratic recently and stops giving predictions. I update the software periodically, it goes back to giving predictions, and then gets corrupted somehow and stops giving predictions. I am tired of having to continually update the software, and would prefer using some other more stable propagation prediction program. Does anyone have propagation prediction software that works like HAMCAP, but is more reliable. Help would be appreciated.

John Owens -  N7TK

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