Re: eQSL Synchronise from ADIF

Dave Sergeant G3YMC <dave@...>

No replies to my query on this.

According to 16.4.4 there is a +/= 10 minute tolerance on the matching:

"The eQSL sync function searches for a QSO in the logbook that matches
in terms of callsign, band, mode and date/time. To allow for clock
variations, it allows +/- 10 minutes leeway on the time. If a QSO
with the same callsign, band and mode is found at about the
right time, and if the eQSL_SENT field is Y, a match has been found
so the eQSL_RCVD field is set to Y."

I can see no other reason why the QSOs given below are being rejected,
the time is out by 1 and 2 minutes.

73 Dave G3YMC

On 11 Mar 2022 at 12:25, Dave Sergeant G3YMC wrote:

I thought (though cannot find it in the manual) that when you
synchronised eQSL (and LOTW) using a downloaded ADIF file that there was
some tolerance on the times to allow for mismatches. 10 minutes I
recall. This is not happening.

Just downloaded my inbox (I have my own routine to do this) and found a
couple didn't match (from bad.adi):
time in my log 2126
time in my log 1632

Is the time tolerance not working?

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