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Gary Hinson <Gary@...>

Hi Eduardo.


Although your posting may be a little off-topic, it inspires the idea of perhaps incorporating an encoding/decoding soft modem ‘core’ within Logger32, giving Logger32 more direct control over the RF communications without the constraints of JTDX, WSJT-X, MMVARI etc.


I imagine the soft modem would purely and efficiently handle the timing, message generation and formatting, audio generation/modulation, audio demodulation and message unpacking for FT8 (initially at least, maybe other digimodes in time), leaving Logger32 to handle all the rest, the higher-level functions e.g. the user interface, callsign lookups, rig control, logging, alerting, spotting, propagation prediction, mapping, QSLing, awards tracking, satellite tracking …


The modem and logging programs might communicate/interoperate through an Application Program Interface, using structured messages with specified formats (e.g. ADIF for QSO info?) and protocols (ideally networkable for multi-computer shacks and remote operation) for specified services (e.g. ‘Encode the following message in FT8 and generate it on the next even cycle: …’ .  If that API was open, it might link other modems (e.g. for CW, RTTY, PSK, digital voice …) and other logging programs (e.g. N1MM+ …), allowing us to mix-n-match whatever best suits our purposes while encouraging further innovation (e.g. dedicated, specialised modem hardware for better performance, variant/novel digimodes, cloud-based logging, multi-band/multi-station coordination, dynamic frequency and power management for path optimisation and QRM evasion, negotiated QSYs, net control, message handling, updated backwards-compatible versions of the API itself …).



Gary  ZL2iFB


From: <> On Behalf Of Eduardo Castillo (LU9DCE)
Sent: Sunday, 13 March 2022 2:30 am
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] new soft for #ft8 / #cluster / #pskreport / #dx / auto-spot #hamradio #wsjtx #wsjtz #jtdx


# master-ft8
Soft Hamradio Powershell
the source code and the binary for windows (exe) is in
This program is made in powershell for radio amateurs it is to work with ft8
* Autodetect if you use jtdx or wsjt
* If you make a contact, it uploads it to the cluster and informs you on screen with a text and alarm
* Has pskreports will show you the stations that listen to you
* It has a read-only cluster of different bands
* Shows you the last contacts made
I share the code .. so you can modify it to your liking 
if you improve it you can share it or send me a copy to
hellocodelinux@... to see the improvements
I would like someone to help me improve it
you need this
VC_redist.x64.exe / VC_redist.x86.exe
this program uses ncat to upload the dx made to the cluster
when you run it for the first time it will take care of downloading ncat automatically

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