Re: Cherry-picking help

Filipe Lopes

Hello Bob

What have you got working so far? Are you using JTDX?
Yes, using JTDX, JTDX is working with cherry-picking my issue is to only call the new dxccs on that band, it is currently calling everyone

Do you have the UDP BandMap up and running (it is recommended)?
Do you see decoded callsigns in the bandmap?

Does it show only stations you have not worked this band/mode before?
It does but it also calls the not new ones.
Is the JTDX control panel running?
Yes no issues there
Is it connected to JTDX? If you turn cherry picking on and open the cherry picking event viewer on, what do you see?

Tell us what you do have working then we can go from there. SeventyThree(s).

I did read the entire chapter about Cherry-Picking but I am unable to see what is wrong.


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