Re: windows 10 64 home and only 1 port. How do you get enough ports to setup logger32?

Peter Eckersberger

Hi Jeff,

How about using an USB hub? That might be useful for you. Look at AMAZON...


73 de Peter, OE3EPW


Am 29.01.2022 um 15:46 schrieb Jeff King:


Hi Bob and Dave,


Thanks for your replies. Mabuhay greetings from the South Pacific.


First off I have a laptop with a Win 10 64  home system.


This has a TS-590SG connected and only shows only one com port #5 on the Silicon Devices driver Kenwood required to be installed.

When I looked at hidden ports on the Device Manager a hidden com port  #4 shows but this is not available as a port for use with Logger32.

When I tried renumbering com4 to com 64 with and then returning it com4,  com4 disappeared completely from the Device Manager.


I have no other USB device plugged in.

When I plug in a USB to Com Port adapter that device will appear in the Device Manager com ports list.


My problem is Logger32 requires a com port to run the DX clusters and Telnet connection to obtain the information of who is on the bands.


I presume this is must be a com port that accesses to TCIP.

I do not know how to add a com port to get Telnet to function.


I am asking for advice on how to do this???


I am on the point of giving up; But would really like to use Logger32 because it has special features of identifying un-worked countries and links to multiple awards data bases that would be really useful. But if I cannot get the link to clusters and Tenet I cannot use these features


Any advice on how to access Telnet would be really appreciated.


Yours sincerely

Jeff King ZL4AI in the South Pacific











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Kia ora.
May I presume you are asking the question of a computer with lots of USB ports but only one built in serial port?  I have done this with individual USB => serial port adapters for each USB OR a multiple serial port adapter.  My main computer at my remote station has about 15 serial ports of one type or another.  I have an 8 serial port box there which uses only one USB.  Dave

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