Re: Switching from N3FJP - best solution for CNTY field issues? Plus a solution to 4m QSOs all being rejected

Michael Harris

I see that a lot. Just look at the BAD.ADI report and using something like notepad delete the CNTY data, save it as is, copy and rename to something like NEW.adi and offer it to L32. I certainly don't need the CNTY information.

We get too carried away with all this logging data.


Mike VP8NO

On 29/12/2021 10:47, Mike M0AGP wrote:
OK between the very helpful Alaska counties website and fixing obvious things like "SAINT" --> "St." most of the lost QSOs were recovered into L32.
I have 4 remaining lost QSOs to recover.
There are two remaining QSOs with "mystery counties":
The first is Virginia Beach county in Virginia for N4XYZ
Error in the CNTY field: <Call:5>*N4XYZ*<QSO_Date:8>20210311<Time_On:6>221230<Band:3>30M<Cont:2>NA<Country:3>USA<DXCC:3>291<Cnty:22>*VA,VIRGINIA BEACH* CITY<CQz:2>05<Freq:9>10.136314<Gridsquare:4>FM16<My_Gridsquare:6>IO91SG<ITUz:2>08<Mode:3>FT8<N3FJP_ModeContest:3>DIG<Pfx:2>N4<QSLRCB:1>L<N3FJP_QSLRCB:1>L<QSLSCB:2>LE<N3FJP_QSLSCB:2>LE<QSL_Sent:1>Y<QSL_Rcvd:1>Y<N3FJP_SPCNum:3>USA<State:2>VA<LOTW_QSL_RCVD:1>Y<LOTW_QSL_SENT:1>Y<EQSL_QSL_SENT:1>Y<eor> And the second is Alexandria county in Virginia for KN4ULT
Error in the CNTY field: <Call:6>*KN4ULT*<QSO_Date:8>20210708<Time_On:6>225700<Band:3>20M<Cont:2>NA<Country:3>USA<DXCC:3>291<Cnty:18>*VA,ALEXANDRIA* CITY<CQz:2>05<Gridsquare:6>FM18LS<ITUz:2>08<Mode:3>FT8<N3FJP_ModeContest:3>DIG<Pfx:3>KN4<QSLRCB:1>L<N3FJP_QSLRCB:1>L<QSLSCB:1>L<N3FJP_QSLSCB:1>L<QSL_Sent:1>Y<QSL_Rcvd:1>Y<N3FJP_SPCNum:3>USA<State:2>VA<LOTW_QSL_RCVD:1>Y<LOTW_QSL_SENT:1>Y<eor> And I have two Q65 QSOs that are rejected.
The final question: is Q65 an unsupported submode currently?
If so, what is the smart thing to do?
Maybe change it to a super obsolete mode until Q65 becomes a supported mode and then switch it to Q65?
Also, if I were to make a Q65 QSO using WSJT-X what would L32 do?
Would it refuse to log it?
Many thanks!
Mike M0AGP

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