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Hello Dino


I use quite a few of the functions in L32, but haven't noticed the delays before a few days ago.

Looks like there could be problem after seeing John G7SSE's Post.

We'll see!!

Take care

73 Ian

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Hi, Ian.
Maybe we use L32 in different way.

I configured L32 for my personal needs. I have database for awards I
need ( User 1, 2 , 3).
I don't use all benefits of L32, infact, just basic... don't use direct
logging, rotator controll, RIG controll, skimmer, DX cluster etc.
For all extra I use separate software, run them separatly and all ports
are connected and controled via MicrroHam... and it is very simple and

73 Dino

On 28.12.21. 12:53, g4girhb0 via wrote:
Hello Ken,

You have found exactly what I have!! Just posted to Dino my findings.

Dino, sounds like we have been living in a parallel world!! Similar conditions
here, Would have had more QSO's in the Log if I hadn't fell prey to the fairer
No regrets of course.


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As Ian suggests the problem exists where there are lots of certain prefixes in
the log, 47,500 total in my log incidentally.

Putting a P5 in the log is immediate (not too many P5s in the log).
Putting a German call, gets to DL then the wait symbol, 3 secs wait, , about
600 D calls in my log
Russian calls the R is immediate then 6 secs wait, same with U, 5 secs wait, .
about 6,500 R calls in log, 1.200 U calls.
K and W are almost immediate, 1 sec wait, although I have lots of US,
probably due to numerous different prefixes.

Hardly a definitive analysis but it appears that the more of a certain prefix
there is in the log, the longer it takes to enter the call in the logging

My PC has a HDD, W10 Professional, I forget what the spec is, don't know how to find out.


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