Re: CW machine over USB to key IC-7610

Michael Harris

Software Jacques. My 12 year old PC (Win10 64 Pro) handles it OK without messing up the timing.


Mike VP8NO

On 23/12/2021 10:55, Jacques RAMBAUD wrote:
Tks Mike but are you using the CW software machine into logger 32 or Winkey ?
73 jacques F6BKI
Le 23/12/2021 à 13:48, Michael Harris via a écrit :
Hi Jacques,

FWIW I use the USB port on my upgraded K3 for everything, CW machine(DTR), PTT(RTS), CAT and audio.


Mike VP8NO

On 23/12/2021 07:29, Jacques RAMBAUD wrote:
Hello all,

Is the CW machine software on Logger32 works over the USB to key an IC-7610 ??


Jacques F6BKI

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