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On 11/24/2021 12:26 PM Mike Goldstein <mgold@...> wrote:

Hello, Bud, et al:

I'm presently running Logger32 version 3.50.403 on my laptop. I'm not sure how I did it, but I ended  up with the screen display as seen in the attached Logger32bug 1 clip, as seen below.

As you can see, the header for the log display is visible, but no logging data.  When I move the mouse to what appears to be the bottom of the log display window, to pull it down to expose the data, I get the error message as seen Logger32bug 2 clip.

If I click OK to make that message vanish, I get the message Logger32bug 3 clip.  This one is persistent! I keep clicking OK, but it comes back ... 3 times, then reverts to the prior screen Logger32bug2.  When I clicked OK on this screen this time, it vanished, but on other occasions, I recall it took me round the loop again.

Now, some interesting observations:

1. I can move the logsheet screen header up and down the main screen, as one normally could, without getting the error messages. However, any attempts to resize the logsheet screen gets you the error messages.

2. If I remove the logsheet screen from my overall display, Logger 32 behaves normally. If I remove Logger 32, then  re-launch it without the logsheet screen implemented, it also works normally. The fault seems to be in the logsheet screen, and 
so it appears there is some flag that has been saved, in a data file. that is killing the logsheet display screen.

3. This fault is easy to duplicate, at least in my shack! I have Logger32 also running on the other shack PC. I believe it is version 3.50.367. If I bring the bottom of the logsheet screen up to the title, so the data is not visible, I get exactly the same error displays. In this case, however, it is not permanent, and I can pull the bottom of the logsheet display back down, and all is well again.

Is there a config file I could copy over to the laptop? Perhaps some boot config. file I can copy, or purge, or ... wot?

4. If I try to log a contact, I get the same series of error messages ... but it does log the contact! I also get the same series of error message, for other Logger32 functions that might use the logsheet screen.

Bud, you and your colleagues have produced a fine piece of software here, and I've been using it for at least a decade. The ability to receive support from the producers makes it twice as valuable.

73 Mike VE3GFN

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