Re: JTDX odd behaviour.


I suspect the secret to the mystery is in the Logger32 cherry-picking event viewer window. Comparing the message flow on the event viewer with the JTDX screen capture will show how/where/why things went awry. SeventyThree(s).  

On 11/18/2021 7:33 AM g4girhb0 via <ian.frith@...> wrote:

Hi all

JTDX & L32 Cherry Picker is behaving odd.

Below is a shot of the problem, in words to explain:-

In the shot F4DIA calls CQ, I answer him, F4DIA replies with my report, in the same de-code HB9EFK has called CQ, so instead om me giving F4DIA his report JTDX calls HB9EFK. HB9EFK responds to me as does F4DIA and in the same de-code PD7RF calls CQ and I answer him and not any of the previous ones!! As you can see it gets worse because R9LM comes into the problem.

Anyone seen or can tell me what is going on?



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