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The F6EXV Logbook is broken. If you can start Logger32, I recommend the following steps:

a) Make an ADIF backup of your logbook and keep it somewhere safe.
b) Try to to reformat QSO numbers.
c) Try to rebuild your F6EXV logbook
d) Recalculate your stats

Any better now? If not, create a new/empty logbook, and import your ADIF file. Once everything is up/running, delete the old/broken F6EXV logbook.


On 11/17/2021 8:29 AM Paul F6EXV <f6exv@...> wrote:

Hello all
Using version 4.0.287 on Windows 10.

When direct logging from JTDX (version 2.2.0-rc152) I get an error
message saying :
Failed to position to end of SerialNumber index.
I then need to click OK.
Then I get another error message that says  :
Error opening c:\\Logger32\F6EXV.isd
and then Logger32 closes automatically.

Also, the TCP port, which would normally open just by itself, does not,
and I need to right click and select "click to open socket"

Are these 2 issues related ? How do I solve them ?

Thanks for help !
Paul F6EXV

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