Re: Freq problem

Larry Fravel

I thought this had gone out yesterday but just found it in my drafts folder.

Bob -

You are the magic man!. Just your e-mail response to my question fixed the problem.  After reading your reply I went and started up the rig this morning.  Logger32 is responding as it should in any band and or mode, and  changes no matter how they are implemented. The debug window shows everything poling normally.  You are more than likely correct that the CAT lost communications.  I use the West Mountain USB device to connect between the radio and the computer.  Could have been something as simple as some stray RF got into the cable or device.  I was trying to work 160 on a dipole that runs right over the length of the house (only way it can be ran due to terrain). Even at 55 feet and with a balun at the feed point it will sometimes get into the sound system speakers and or turn my wife's flat screen TV in her "she room" on or off.  I have ferite cores on all of the cables power and other cables (sound bar and network) to the TV but it still happens.  Also have them on the CAT cable between the radio and the computer. 

Thanks for your suggestions.  I am assuming that when I shut down last night the CAT reset itself.  I appreciate all you do with logger32 and the support.


Larry K8YYY

Shinnston, WV EM99uk

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