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Thanks' Bob / Jan
Jan it was the configuration file I was after I found the Macro one ok, so now finding the MMVARI section in my HFDX.INI file I can see all the settings, I was hoping to find some line for PTT/TX or something of that nature. Also some settings for the radio.
I have Radio 1  configured for the TS990 and that is working ok, Radio 2 is configured for 1C-7100, but that refuses to PTT, frequency readout is ok though.
This has come about after trying to sort the RX delay at the end of MMVARI transmit. I wanted to see if there was a rig problem so decided to configure for the IC-7100, but cannot get the thing to TX i.e PTT to operate, tried the Radio command and also fitted a CIV cable to the remote socket to try and use Com Port, but that won't work either.
Any clues anyone?

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Look in the Logger32.INI file for a section [MMVARI]. Also, there are some MMVARI settings in the section [Sound Card Data Settings]. 73.
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Morning Bob
Is there a config file for MMVARI, I see one for MMTTY.

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