Freq problem

Larry Fravel

I am having a problem with logger32 in that when I select a spot from the band map or the spot window the information will display properly in the log entry widow (call, mode, freq, operator, etc).  However, after a second the frequency disappears,  but all the other information remains.  The radio (an IC-7600) follows the spots when they are selected. This happens on any band in any mode.  I can click on the spot again and the frequency information will populate and then disappear in another second.  It started happening with the last update (.278)  but if I re-clicked the spot,  the frequency would stay populated.  With update .279 the frequency will not stay displayed longer than a second.  The configuration for the radio has not changed.  Varying the poling rate (set at 100) or the baud rate (set at 9600 does not help in any way. 

This is the first problem I have had in a long long time.  Appreciate any help.

Larry K8YYY

Shinnston, WV EM99uk


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