Auto-update v4.0.279 is now on-line ...


In this version, there is a change to the way Country/call alerts are processed. As an example, I will use the recent 3DA0 operations. Assume I do not like FT4/8, and I have blocked all DX Spots on FT4/8. I need 3DA0 for a new Country, and would even try an FT8 contact with them. If I turn off DX Spot blocking I will be buried in an avalanche of FT4/8 DX Spots that I don't need/want to see. Here is the solution to the problem - Leave FT4/8 blocking in place. Add 3DA0 to the list of Country/call alerts. Now, if there is a DX Spot, even an FT8 DX Spot, for 3DA0 it will show in the DX Spot Window and on the BandMaps is the high priority highlight color you have chosen. 73.

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