Re: Problem with a log with a large number of QSOs ?


Try the 'Quick QSL' window. That way you can change any/all QSL Sent/Rcvd flags in a single edit. Or, if you right click on the QSO in the Logbook pagr window, then click the Edit QSL info menu, there is another window that allows you to edit many fields in a single edit. SeventyThree(s).

On 10/18/2021 7:58 AM Aleksander Žagar <s57s@...> wrote:
Alain F5LMJ via je 18.10.2021 ob 10:58 napisal:
Hi to the group, 

Using Logger32 v4.0.278, my log contains almost 200,000 QSOs and I have a problem when I manually update the log to add some infos to a QSO.
After entering the 1st field to update, I can go to the next field to enter another info, but even if I can start entering text on the keyboard, the first 2 or 3 characters are not taken into account ( as if the update of the 1st field was not finished and did not take into account the next entry until ending ).
The computer has enough memory (16 Gb) and the log is on an SSD disk so I don't think it comes from my computer setup
For those who have a log with a large number of QSO, do you also have this issue ?

73's Alain F5LMJ

Yes Alain, the same here. It takes sometimes nearly 40 sec or so to jump from QSL send Y  to QSL received Y.

I have 195625 QSOs large logbook. It is a little better on another brend-new comp but still slow.

73, Aleksander, S57S

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