Michael Harris


For what its worth. I have just tried a contest exchange macro in MMVARI:

$transmit$ $starttime$
DE $mycall$ 599 $serialnum$ $serialnum$ TU
$receive$ $endtime$ $log$

The K3 changes to RX immediately. An oddity I notice with MMVARI is at the start of a transmission there is about a seconds worth of diddles before the "message" is transmitted.

I normally use MMTTY along with 2Tone and GRITTY as additional decoders.

$transmit$ $starttime$
$call$ 599 13 13 $mycall$ $receive$ $endtime$ $log$

Changes to receive immediately.

If I call CQ it normally grows into a pileup and I use the following:

$transmit$ $starttime$
$call$ $call$ 599 $mycall$

$call$ tu $mycall$ $endtime$ $log$ up 1-3

What happens if you use a macro that doesn't log i.e. a previous serial number?

599 $serialnum-1$ $serialnum-1$ $receive$

Again these change to RX immediately. I backup the log every five contacts.


Mike VP8NO

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